#1 - Introduction

Timothy Tuohy


An Introduction

Writing this blog post, and making it a regular part of my routine, has been on my to do list for 6 weeks. Probably more than 6 weeks. Every time I started to knock it out, I’d think of something more pressing that I should be doing, or something that seemed more pressing at the moment.  My main rationalization for procrastinating was that there was too much to write about; too much going on, too many topics and none of them seemed like they’d be worthwhile. Presently, I’m sitting in Newark Airport at 6:00 PM on a Monday with an hour and 45 minutes to spare because my mother takes the ‘arrive at the airport two hours before your flight rule’ very fucking seriously. So here I am, with no excuses.

I’m frugal with my personal expenses, mostly because, as a small business owner, I’m always kind of broke. So when I arrive at the airport, I sit my ass down and avoid the urge to buy any overpriced anything.  I was meandering down memory lane, looking through my photo library when it dawned on me that the first subject had been directly in front of my face all along. I’ll write about my people. So, I would like to tell you about the people who make up the Kansas City Canning Company.  

Last September, I hired two people.  I was supposed to hire two part time people whom I could pay only enough to keep them coming back.  I did not anticipate the stars aligning as they did because what ended up happening was I found two unicorns at the same time; more specifically, I found one and one found me.  I quickly identified them as majestic beasts that most don’t ever get to see and scooped them up before anyone else had the chance to do the same. Working in restaurants, random management positions, and owning my own business has taught me that good help is hard to find.  You have to hire five people in order to find two who may actually work out, even for a nominal period of time. Likewise, I’ve been fortunate enough to have developed some relationships with experienced entrepreneurs who, from time to time, allow me to pick their brains. The common thread throughout these conversations is that in order to be successful, you have to surround yourself with good, self-motivated, trustworthy, people. I had to decide whether to invest in machinery and infrastructure to grow the business physically or invest in people whom I believed in and who for some reason thought it’d be a good idea to work with me...  There may have been a middle road there, but, seriously, how many people are fortunate enough to meet one unicorn in their lifetime, let alone two at the same damn time!?

Over the course of the next few days (possibly weeks, again, I procrastinate), I’ll be introducing you to the Kansas City Canning Co. Not the building or the products, but the people who were silly enough to decide to go on an adventure with me.  That is, the unicorns.


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