Black Garlic Paste

$ 18.00

Whole bulbs of garlic are fermented for months until the cloves turn black.  The fermentation process reduces the size of the cloves and decreases the end yield of the final product.  Each bulb is broken apart and each clove is peeled by hand, before they are ground into a paste.  Make no mistake, the process to making Black Garlic is a time consuming and inefficient one. 

Who would embark on such a quixotic task, you may ask?  Why would anyone go to such laborious and ludicrous lengths to make this product?  

We did, because it is the best thing we have ever made.  This rich, luscious spread is the definition of umami.  Use a small amount in any savory dish to add an ambrosial depth of flavor.  Or just spread on a slice of toast to experience the full effects of this black gold.

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