Balsamic Pickled Grapes

$ 10.00

The perfect accompaniment to a cheese or charcuterie plate, our Pickled Balsamic Grapes are an unexpected take on traditional pickled fruit. Warm pickling spices and a subtle bite of balsamic vinegar offer richness and depth, even straight from the jar! Try on a salad with goat cheese or mix the pickling liquid with olive oil for a vinaigrette to complete the dish. We also like to use these little gems as a unique substitute for a maraschino cherry in a cocktail like a Manhattan.

Size- 16 oz. Jar

Ingredients: Red Seedless Grapes, Black Seedless Grapes, Balsamic Vinegar (Grape Must, Caramel Color), Red Wine Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Black Peppercorns


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