Pickled Ground Cherries

$ 7.00

Ground Cherries, AKA Husk Cherries, AKA Cape Gooseberries, AKA Pineapple Tomatillos... it takes that many names to describe the complexity of flavor in these little fruits.  Technically not a cherry, but a member of the tomatillo family, the Ground Cherry is small, sweet fruit that grows like a weed throughout the mid-west. Often disregarded because of the time consuming process of removing the husk, the Ground Cherry has the flavor of a mango or pineapple and the texture of a tomato.  

Our Pickled Ground Cherries won a medal in the Pickle Category at the 2017 Good Food Awards.  Done in an agri-dulce style, this pickled fruit is sweet and tart to complement the flavor of the Ground Cherry itself.

Size: 4 oz. Jar

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