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Kansas City Canning Co.

Red Wine Cranberry Sauce

Red Wine Cranberry Sauce

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Dear Jellied Cranberry Sauce,

Kansas City Canning Co. would like to thank you for all the years of dedicated service at the holidays and for many, many nostalgic times spents with family and friends.

We regret to inform you, however, that your services will no longer be necessary, effective immediately. We value your commitment and ever present canned-striations, as a consistent harbinger for family festivities over the decades…  but the time has come… the people have spoken and they want a more distinguished choice in cranberry sauce… unfortunately for you, that means that it's time to pass the torch.

Ergo, we at the KC Canning Co. humbly present our Red Wine Cranberry Sauce. The newest seasonal favorite, we are so excited to be part of your holidays this year as an alternative topping for your delightful holiday Turkey or Spiral ham.

Made from scratch with fresh cranberries and a heavy douse of red wine.  Our cranberry sauce has depth of flavor that far exceeds what the aluminum cans of past have to offer (with respect). We can’t wait for you to try it and introduce your friends and family to the only locally made Red-Wine Cranberry sauce in the KC Metro!

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Cranberries, Natural Cane Sugar, Red Wine, Orange Juice, Apples, Oranges, Brown Sugar, Ginger, Spices


9 oz. Jar

Ideas for use

  • Add a dollop to your grilled cheese for a post-holiday leftover treat