Shrubs 101

Shrubs 101

Our shrubs are a preserved fruit juice that you can use as a cocktail mixer or soda syrup and will become your new best friend for entertaining, gifting or simply indulging.

KCCCo.'s line of Shrubs
Blood Orange Ginger
Meyer Lemon Lavender
Smoked Spiced Pear
Watermelon Habanero
*Look for surprise seasonal items too!

The name "Shrub" is derived from the Arabic word "Sharab" meaning beverage. And this method has been around since the Colonial Era, where those OG preservation specialists of the 1700's would preserve juices by adding vinegar. Later they became popular with the emergence of cocktails in the Prohibition Era, when imbibers sought a way to mask the flavor of that fine bathtub gin and refrigeration was yet to be common, so preserved juices were all the rage. Most recently, they have regained a growing following with the evolution of the modern cocktail scene and are featured on the menus of some of the world's best bar programs now (and including here in KC!)

We use all natural fruit juices, spices, and cane sugar (none of those weird additives and corn syrups) and still make each batch by hand. They are a fast and easy way to make a gourmet cocktail or cocktail at home or at a party. Your friends will think you are just so fancy and creative, and you won't believe how easy they are to use. 

The vinegar in our shrubs is pH balancing for your gut and aids in digestion, and we swear helps combat hangovers, as a drinking vinegar will. Who doesn't love that?

To make a cocktail or cocktail, we recommend the following for the easiest method but feel free to play around with different combinations, mixers or bitters and make it your own:

1-2 oz. booze of your choice

1-2 oz. shrub of your choice

Top with soda water


-Try some with champagne for a spin on a traditional mimosa.

-Mix with olive oil and salt and make a bomb salad dressing.

-Pour one bottle and a few small bottles in a drink dispenser for a party punch (spike it up front, or place bottles of liquors and assorted garnishes around so people can mix and match their own combos and have non-alcoholic).

-Ceviche some shrimp? Don't mind if I do...

-Add a splash to your hot tea, iced teas, or hot toddies!

-Have fun!

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