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Kansas City Canning Co.

Black Garlic Paste - 4 oz

Black Garlic Paste - 4 oz

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A garlicky umami-bomb, our black garlic paste will make any savory dish more delicious. The garlic is fermented for weeks until each clove turns black before it is ground into a paste.  Add it to mayo for a delightful aioli, add a teaspoon to any soup or stew, or spread it on a pizza... you really CANNOT go wrong with this product.

Vegan - Gluten Free - Small Batch

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Fermented Black Garlic, Oil, Salt, Citric Acid


4 oz. Jar

Ideas for use

  • Add to olive oil and
  • Add it to the edge of a pizza before baking
  • Lightly coat veggies before you roast them
  • Drizzle on salads, in soups, on meats, fish or cheese
  • Use as a dipping oil
  • Cream with butter for black garlic butter
  • Turn it into an aioli
  • Black garlic ice cream is a thing
  • Add it to hummus
  • Mix it in burger meat, stews, sauces