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Kansas City Canning Co.

Pickle Pack

Pickle Pack

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Pickle Pack - 3 - 24 oz Jars

Habanero Pickles

We’ve heard your call for a spicy pickle! Here they are, our spicy Habanero Cucumber Pickles. Uniquely KCCCo. with a citrus twist from Kaffir Lime and dried Sumac and always fresh hand-cut Habaneros. They add the perfect amount of heat to your favorite burger or sandwich, surprise to your cheese board, or kick to your Bloody Mary, so get ‘em while they’re hot!

Unfiltered Hoppy Pickles

Using Boulevard Brewing Company's classic Unfiltered Wheat Beer, these slightly sweet, hoppy pickles are a delight.  They aren’t as sweet as a bread ‘n’ butter pickle, but not as tart as a dill pickle, either.  With flowery notes from the hops, use them on a burger, cheese plate or eat them straight out of the jar, you cannot go wrong.

Black Garlic Pickles

Our most recent pickle addition to our catalog, these are pretty special.  We ferment garlic until it develops a slightly bitter, sweet and deep umami flavor.  The tart brine accentuates the delightfully savory garlic notes and couple perfectly with the fresh cucumbers.  This product is the definition of delicious. 

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